What hare-Muje the dentist?

Dentist, actually dentist, a doctor involved in the diseases of the teeth and mouth. His responsibilities include diagnosis and treatment of teeth (filling cavities, root canals, pulling teeth, plaque removal, etc.), mucosa, gums, and the identification and correction of malocclusion (orthodontist). Tasks dentist vary depending on the chosen specialization.


What should be the dentist?

The dentist should be able to establish friendly contact with the patient, since the treatment of the oral cavity are not the most pleasant and cause fear in many people. It does not hurt good manners, warm approach and understanding of the frightened. In addition, the dentist must have adequate capabilities and good eyesight. It should be thorough, attentive and suffering pliwy. The continual development of dentistry involves the need to constantly retrain and willingness to acquire new skills.



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